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They served our country, they gave their limbs and in many cases their lives; yet we find them in between the cracks of society. Often without shelter, food, employment and the trauma of mental health issues brought on by the by-product of war.. Our goal is to give  back to these unsung individuals especially the homeless veterans... their dignity with services that help them accumulate back into society i.e. with assistance  that allows them  to get their benefits, food, clothing,  shelter and mental health services at regular intervals thanks to the help of in-kind donors and referral agencies.

At-Risk Children & Teens

Along with the advent of social media, comes the stigma of youth seeking other activities that are not only bad for their health but challenge the norms of a normal upbringing. Our programming focuses on physical activities that get youth off the couch and into nature, where we can challenge their creativity, social awareness and interactions, community involvement and most of all self-esteem; parents are challenged with making a living, which leaves children and youth to their own devices with limited support or guidance; we are changing all that...

Economically Disadvantaged Children

Today's economy requires that parents have to sometimes hold down two or three jobs just to make ends meet. Shelter, food and clothing are the first essentials a parents needs to fill; which means funds for activities that are not based in schools are the first to be cut out of the family budget. So competitive sports, outdoor camping, nature parks and peer to peer social  and community learning activities are 
un-affordable!  With our array of in-kind sponsors we can make these types of activities available with the help of donors just like you...

Families with Special Needs

Life sometimes comes with unforeseen challenges; such as low wages, cognitive or physical disabilities, or mental or physical trauma... the goal of Cowboys For A Cause is too bring people together to overcome these types of challenges. Donors in the fields of business, medicine, healthcare, social services and in most cases you; with a simply listening ear or a helping hand can make all the difference  -- we have help from local businesses, law enforcement, fire fighters, advocates and a host of really great human beings, who like us, are here to help and give back...

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